Policies and Procedures are critical to ensure an organisation delivers quality and meets accreditation requirements. But importantly this must not become just a tick box exercise, it must be embedded as part of the corporate culture to achieve the highest quality in all aspects of your organisation. Bigby Brown understand the need for quality systems and structures and importantly work with your team to communicate, train and review in order to uphold the importance of your service and product priorities.

  • Governance - build a collective sense of purpose and direction
  • Management systems - achieve the mission, values, goals and service priorities
  • Human resources - create an effective and competent service whilst developing a positive and profitable team culture
  • Financial management - develop an accountable and transparent model that reflect goals and supports an efficient and sustainable business
  • Knowledge management - manage knowledge in a systematic, ethical and secure way. Create an information system based on best practice service review and development
  • Risk assessment and management - identify, assess and manage risks to ensure continuous, safe, responsive and efficient services
  • Legal and regulatory compliance - ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations
  • Safety, Quality, Environmental and Community integration - enable these underlying principles to be integrated and managed systematically and hold a place within the organisation’s cultural values.